Kyoto International Conference Centre

The Kyoto International Conference Centre (国立京都国際会館, Kokuritsu Kyōto Kokusai Kaikan), or ICC Kyoto for short, is a large conference venue situated in Takarakaike, Sakyō-ku, in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The centre was designed by the architect Sachio Otani and was opened in 1966. The Kyoto Protocol was signed there in 1997.

Vista exterior del ICC Kioto
Courtesy of ICC Kyoto

Today the total area of the complex for meetings is 156.000 m2 and the main conference hall holds 2,000 people. There are also smaller rooms and another hall which can accommodate 1,500 people as well as a hall for events. The Kyoto Grand Prince Hotel is close by.

The centre is situated in the north of Kyoto and can be reached by the Karasuma metro line.

Room A
Courtesy of ICC Kyoto

Our event will be held in Room A which can hold up to 700 people.

We have chosen this venue for our event on account of its significance and the facilities it offers. We will have ample pleasant surroundings. The architecture is modern, has Wi-Fi and there are facilities for simultaneous interpretation. There are also restaurants and shops.

Courtesy of ICC Kyoto

Registered address: 422 Iwakura Osagicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.

Reiki practitioners of the world, come and celebrate with us!

In August 2022 we will celebrate the first centenary of the creation of Usui Reiki Ryoho, the great legacy of Mikao Usui. A historic, unique, global event, very close to where the master reached the state of Anshin Ritsumei. We want to share together the energy of universal love from the truth of the heart, from the unity that we are, and get closer to Usui sensei’s desire to spread the seed of Reiki in humanity.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

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