Dr. Debbie Ringdahl

Sunday, 9 April | 11:00

Reiki in healthcare

Debbie Ringdahl, DNP, RN, CNM is Faculty ad Honorem, University of Minnesota School of Nursing, teaching in midwifery and women’s health programs, a position she held for nearly three decades; retiring in 2021. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in 2010 and went on to become Co-Director of the Integrative Health and Healing DNP Program at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. Dr. Ringdahl completed her Level I Reiki training in 1982, Level II Reiki training in 1996, and Reiki Mastery apprenticehip in 2000. She began teaching Reiki Level I academic classes for the Center for Spirituality and Healing in 2003, followed by Reiki Level II in 2005, and Reiki Mastery classes in 2017. Her students are health care professionals, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Her doctoral education focus was on: 1) Reiki use by nurses for patients receiving chemotherapy; 2) Reiki touch for premature infants; 3) Reiki in long term care; and 4) Reiki teaching for parents with children receiving Blood and Marrow Transplants. These projects included teaching Reiki practice to nursing staff as a nursing intervention for symptom management. She has written chapters on touch therapies in pregnancy and childbirth, Reiki, integrative nursing symptom management, and nursing as an integrative healthcare profession. In 2017, Dr. Ringdahl visited Japan and accompanied Hyakuten Inamoto to Mount Kurama during her visit with family.

In retirement, Dr. Ringdahl continues to teach academic Reiki classes and mentor Reiki mastery students. She enjoys spending time with grandson Harvey and family and lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband and newfoundland dog!

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