Javier Díaz Murillo

Javier Díaz Murillo

Sunday, 9 April | 14:30

Challenges in the new century of Reiki

Journalist and editor of Reikiavik Ediciones. Publisher that was founded to bring the book Gendai Reiki Ho: El espíritu de Usui Sensei y la verdad sobre el Reiki Tradicional to light by the Japanese Reiki Master Hiroshi Doi.

He has trained at all levels of Gendai Reiki Ho with the Japanese Reiki master Rika Saruhashi and has given talks and led workshops and meetings on Gendai Reiki Ho. He is currently the president of the Gendai Reiki Ho Madrid Association and has just published the book Reiki Tradicional: Historia y esencia del Dento Reiki Japonés de Mikao Usui by Hiroshi Doi.

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