Joyce Winough

Joyce Winough

Sunday, 9 April | 9:45

From Takata Sensei till today

While she was living in Hawaii, she was initiatedFirst Degree Reiki in 1988 by Helen Haberly then Second Degree in 1990. Committed to bringReiki to the community, she has been organizin gclasses and offering treatments professionally since1993. Initiated as a Master in 2002 by Phyllis Furumoto, she left Hawaii to travel and work with Phyllis in many countries for Reiki events, classes and retreats. She is blessed to have supported Reiki students on tours with Phyllis to Kyoto and Mt. Kurama.

She teaches in various communities as well as her home in Green Valley, Arizona, USA. She is active in The Reiki Alliance, an international organization of Reiki Masters dedicated to teaching Reiki in the tradition of Hawayo Takata and Phyllis L Furumoto. She is also a member of the Reiki Foundation International, UK Reiki Association, and licensed massage therapist in Hawaii and Arizona. Since the death of her spouse Phyllis, in March 2019, she continues her Reiki journey and commitment to Usui Shiki Ryoho by teaching and sharing Reiki, presenting some of the Takata Archive Project with Reiki communities, preparing master candidates as well as supporting students she has initiated. She is a member of the Council of Office of the Grandmaster, a working organization that represents the current Lineage Bearer and Furumoto Sensei successor, Johannes Reindl as well as Paul Mitchell who holds the energy and title of Head of Discipline. She nurtures herself by Reiki self treatment, walking, riding bicycle, cruising on her boat, reading and listening to music.

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