Olaf Böhm

Saturday, 8 April | 11:30

Presentation of old documents

Reiki master, practitioner, history researcher and author. Olaf Böhm started his Reiki journey in 2003 in India. He was fortunate to be led in 2006 in the direction to Japan with the second Level Reiki with Gendai Reiki Ho, also in India.

He became a Gendai Reiki Ho Master in 2008 formed by Hiroshi Doi sensei and also studied Komyo Reiki Do with Hyakuten Inamoto.

From 2009 till today he has traveling to Japan as often as possible and trying to find some information on Usui Sensei and his legacy. Nowadays it is very hard to find anything, but with a bit of luck there have been some beautiful insights and documents on the way.

On the 2022 event he will share this adventure of research and show some documents for the first time for the global Reiki community.


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