Rumi Naka

Rumi Naka

Saturday, 8 April | 16:15

Exhibition by the International Holistic Association of Nurses of Japan

Graduated from Chiba Medical Technology College´s department of Nursing. She was engaged in cancer nursing at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences of the former Science and Technology Agency.

After overseas training, she became interested in holistic medicine that integrates the mind, body, and soul. After working at the SECOM home-visit nursing station, she adopted complementary and alternative therapies such as aromatherapy and Reiki and launched the Luminous Japanese home-visit nursing station and striving to spread it.

Currently, she is working on the Luminous Holistic Care Academy project to train and disseminate nurses and therapists who can provide holistic care.

President of the International Holistic Nursing Association. Luminous Group Representative (Japanese Home-visit Nursing Station, Luminous Holistic Care Academy, and Luminous Holistic Care Center).

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