Toshitaka Mochizuki

Saturday, 8 April | 14:30

Representative Reiki Masters in Japan

Toshitaka Mochizuki, president of Vortex

Master Mochizuki was born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1957.

He is currently the president of the International Reiki Diffusion Association. He has taught Reiki to more than 52,000 people over 30 years.

He has written 37 books, including Hands that Heal and Super Easy Healing Hands, which have sold over 900,000 copies.

He has supervised reprinting the books Reiki and Ninjutsu (by Kaiji Tomita, published in 1933) and Tenohira Ryoji (by Koushi Mitsui).

He is currently dedicated to training, mainly in the fields of “Treasure Map,” “Reiki,” and “Energy Master.” He has instructed more than 730,000 people in 30 years.

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