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420 €

31 / 10 / 2021

in advance as pre-registration fee

Not available

500 €

28 / 02 / 2022

in advance as pre-registration fee

30 days left to enjoy this price!

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550 €

12 / 08 / 2022

in advance as pre-registration fee

Not available

The second part of the amount must be paid before 28 February 2022

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  1. Price of the event. The price varies depending on the date the pre-registration payment is made. Thus, until 31 October 2021 it will be €420. After this date it will be €500 and if the ticket is purchased after March 1, 2022 the price will rise to €550. The ticket entitles you to attend all the meeting activities and the two lunches.
  2. Pre-registration. To complete your booking you must pay the pre-registration fee of €100. One of the advantages of pre-registering before February 28, 2022 is that the payment of the event can be done in twoo installments: the pre-registration fee of €100 and the rest of the money before February 28, 2022. Those registering after March 1, 2022 are expected to pay the full amount.
  3. In case the event is cancelled. The Organisation reserves the right to cancel the event if the general situation for COVID does not allow it. In this case, the full registration fee will be refunded. We advise you to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen eventuality of cancellation.
  4. Accommodation and transport. The price of the event includes attendance to the programmed activities and two lunches. All other costs are to be paid by the participant. Please note that the price does not include accommodation, air travel, meals, travel insurance, domestic transportation within Japan and other expenses. In addition, each participant must make their own hotel reservations. However, the organisation is committed to provide information on the website about accommodation near the venue of the event: ICC Kyoto – Japan.
  5. Refunds. In case of resignation only part of the registration fee will be refunded for justified reasons: death of a clouse family member, accident or serious illness, for a justifiable work reason or unemployment status in 2022. No other reasons wull be considered. When the cancellation is for a justified cause, AGRHM will charge €50 as a management fee, non-refundable. Documents certifying the reason for the resignation must be provided. In case of resignation without justified cause until February 18, 2022, AGRHM will charge a non-refundable management fee of €100. From March 1, 2022 onwards, AGRHM will not refund any fees to participants who withdraw from the event without reasonable cause.
  6. Changes in the programme. There may be circumstances in which the programme is modify or the speaker in changed. You can confirm in the “programme” section.
  7. Exempt I.V.A. Law 31/1992, article 70 One 4th and 8th, wording 53/2002, article 4 six and Final Second provision.
  8. It is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance, and very important, that contains health care. All participants are required to have health insurance to travel to Japan.
  9. Celebration of the birth of Mikao Usui. In addition to the main event, the birth of Mikao Usui Sensei will be celebrated in Taniai on August 15, 2022 and will be organised by the Taniai Reiki Association. The fee for this celebration is separate from the Centenary. Information, registration and an account number in Japan will be provided to you for separate payment. 250 people will be allowed to attend this event. For this reason, participants who register for the main event in Kyoto will have preferential registration rights for the Taniai celebration in the pre-registration order.
  10. Ticket numbering. In addition, as an advantage, seats will be allocated in areas in registration order. Thus, the first bookings will be in the front rows and the last bookings in the back rows.
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