These are the companies, schools, associations, entities, teachers, therapists and individuals who have collaborated with the celebration of this event.

The deadline to become a sponsor is January the 31st 2023.


Sponsors Sun

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Sponsors Moon

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Sponsors Earth

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Mercedes González Bernal
Ángela Ruano Mateos
Andoni Zarandona
Juan Antonio Penalba Macias
María José Fortea Sola
Covadonga Gala
Ignacio Navarrete Vázquez
Mª Jesús Carnicer
Jordi Miró
Elvira García Sancha
Mª José Sánchez Machío
Bárbara Moreno Merat
Nela Fernández Bloise
Tony Rovira
Soterraña Muñoz Lázaro
María Cristina Guerrero-García
Carmen Caamaño Mariño
José Ángel Niño Cámara
Mónica Gambra
Doi Hiroshi/土居 裕
Arai Kou/新井 公
Kudo Yoshimi/工藤 義實
Ozawa Masami/小澤 正美
Kobayashi Chieko/小林 智枝子
Kobayashi Masami/小林 正実
Higashi Osaka Gendai Reiki Exchange Group/河内現代レイキの会
(Kadoi Juri/門井 寿里, Matsumoto Miyako/松本 都)
Gendaireiki Hokkaido/現代レイキ北海道
Yuuki Ryoko / 行木 亮子
Healing Lera
Satou Shizuko/佐藤 志津子
Okamoto Mitsue/岡本 光恵
Yanada Megumi/簗田 めぐみ
Yokoyama Toshiko/横山 敏子
Kawachi Gendai Reiki Group/東大阪現代レイキ交流会
Yokoyama Yasuko/横山 靖子
Omori Tomoi/大森 智衣
Nakata Atsuko/中田 敦子
Chida Yoshie/千田 芳江
Mizuno Masanari/水野 将成
Nishino Yukiko/西野 由紀子
Association of Prayer for Universal Peace/宇宙平安の祈りの会
(Sato Akihisa/佐藤 明久, Masuda Akiko/増田 亮子 )
Andrés Navares
Mari Carmen Peralta
Carola Laroche
三室恭子 (Kyoko Mimuro)
Virginia Santos Miranda
Rodrigo Villagrán
Jorge Olivares
Reiki / Osaka Takatsuki

Also, if you own a business and would like to take advantage of this historic event for the exhibition and sale of your products, or to offer information about your activity, you can rent a stand and have your own point of sale, promotion or information at the venue.

Do you want to sponsor this celebration?

We offer you different possibilities to collaborate with this event.

Whether you are an individual or a company, this can be your space to publicise your activity and thus support the celebration of this centenary. There are three ways to collaborate: sponsorship, patronage and stand rental.

If the event cannot be held, for whatever reason, 75% of this amount will be refunded, keeping in mind that advertising will appear on the website for a period of time and 25% is considered a management fee.

The deadline to become a sponsor of the event is January the 31st 2023.

If the event cannot be held, for whatever reason, the full amount will be refunded.

If the event cannot be held, for whatever reason, the donation will not be refunded. We understand that the donation goes beyond the mere celebration of a specific event and it is just the honest dissemination of Reiki what is supported. In this sense, the association (which is a non-profit organisation), whatever happens, will have already invested a large part of its budget in resources (website, translations, design, publicity, etc.) and any help will be vital for its survival in the future.


Frequently asked questions

Can I be a sponsor without having a company?

Yes, you can be a sponsor as an individual, for example if you are a Reiki or other complementary therapist or teacher. This can be your platform for advertising your services. The same applies if you are a non-profit association, a federation, etc.

Can I be a sponsor or patron and also rent a stand?

Yes, you can be a sponsor in any of its forms or a patron and also rent a stand. Sponsors with the Sol tariff will have an advantage when renting a stand if, due to space limitations, all companies cannot be accommodated.

Can I be a patron or sponsor even if I am not going to attend the event?

Yes, if you are interested in collaborating with this event due to its importance and magnitude, and you also believe that it is a good window for your promotion, you can advertise it without having to attend.

Can I share a stand with another company or entity?

Yes, in the section stand rental you will see that you can rent the entire table or half of it.

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