Noriko Ogawa

Noriko Ogawa

Saturday, 8 April | 14:30

Representative Reiki Masters in Japan

Fuminori Aoki and Noriko Ogawa, founders of Reido Reiki, have been offering treatments and seminars for 29 years at the Human Center & Trust Institute, the oldest entity in Japan specializing in Reiki therapy.

Reido Reiki was created by the inspiration that Fuminori Aoki received, a method that results from the fusion of Traditional and Western Reiki. This system values not only theoretical knowledge but also practice and strives to train healers who can give Reiki treatments.

Aoki and Ogawa are well known internationally, especially in Brazil and Spain.

Master Aoki is the author of his book and the foreword of Reiki, Japanese Traditional System written by Master Johnny De’Carli. Masters Aoki and Ogawa have been twice in Spain: Vigo in 2000 and Madrid in 2001.

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